emily brooks

Front End Developer


"Learn it like a pro,
so you can break it like an artist."
-Pablo Picasso

Emily Brooks

Hello! I'm Emily, a Front End Developer with deep roots in the Food & Hospitality Industry. My coding journey began in April 2020 when I realized my love for creating engaging user experiences could transcend beyond the plate.

I am passionate about building user experiences from scratch, starting with an idea or vision and seeing it through to the final experience. Whether it be building a multi-page website or catering an event for 500 guests, I enjoy the process of bringing something to life. While I openly admit to being a rule-follower, I also thrive through creative expression which is what I love most about coding and web development. Learn the rules to build solid, reliable structures, but then color outside the lines because anything is possible and creativity has no limits.

When not at my computer, I enjoy yoga, tennis, reading, watching Top Chef, traveling, dining out and exploring Detroit. I love my family and my dog, Grizzly. And, of course, I will always love to cook.

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When switching careers, what were you hoping for, and has it turned out as you expected?

When I decided to switch careers, I was seeking a path that would provide endless potential for challenge, growth and opportunity. Becoming a front end developer has certainly lived up to these expectations!

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a developer?

I love that coding is both fun and challenging at the same time. Figuring out something new feels like doing a crossword puzzle, so in that way it's fun. (Yes, I think crossword puzzles are fun!) Other times it can be difficult; learning a new concept or simply finding a single typo that stopped my code from working as expected. Once the hurdle is overcome, however, it's incredibly satisfying and rewarding. Those moments build my confidence, propel me forward and prepare me for the next challenge.

What were some of your jobs in the food industry?

Basically, my two main jobs in the food industry were catering and recipe development. First, I started out working in the catering department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, which was an incredible place to work and plan events. I learned how to organize and orchestrate multi-faceted projects, work in a fast-paced environment, meet deadlines, and write menus. Most importantly, I learned about client service of the highest standard. Eventually, as the Catering Director, I learned how to lead a team of people, plan and meet budgets, and evolve systems and procedures.

Next, I went to work for a start-up cooking website as the "Executive Culinary Director" - basically, I oversaw all content used in the site. I wrote and tested recipes, curated all content from outside contributors, handled food photography, blogging, and social media, and represented the brand in PR and marketing opportunities.

While these were two totally different jobs, both were equally amazing professional and life experiences.

What do coding and cooking have in common?

Both require foundational knowledge. You have to understand certain techniques, tools and procedures in order to build a website or prepare a plate of food. Once you have a foundational knowledge, however, creativity is boundless. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Where did you study Front End Development?

I enrolled in the Break Into Tech course at Skillcrush, which is a self-paced on-line learning program. I opted for this so I could continue to work full-time while studying on my own time. The program was affordable, but also structured so I would have a clear learning path to follow. I was especially drawn to the fact that real people would be available to help me along the way, instructors as well as a Slack community of other students. If you are curious to know more, feel free to message me in the form below. I'd be happy to share more about my coding journey with you!


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Wheelhouse DMG
Wheelhouse DMG Home Page Wheelhouse DMG Home Page on Mobile

I joined Wheelhouse DMG in April 2022 as a Junior Software Developer. Starting with an agency meant I immediately got to work on projects for multiple clients, each with different technology stacks. This rapid exposure to various technologies and workflows has been key to my growth, enhancing my adaptability and problem-solving abilities, and helping me become a more versatile and skilled developer.

In 2024, I earned a promotion to Front End Developer after successfully spearheading the development of our company's newly branded website. Crafting such a robust site from scratch, guided by Figma designs and utilizing tools like WordPress, the Sage Starter Theme with Blade and Tailwind CSS, Local, GitHub, and Advanced Custom Fields, in under three months was a thrilling and rewarding challenge.

My workflow also includes various stacks and tools such as Contentful CMS with NextJS, WordPress with BitBucket and WP Engine, and Magento/Adobe with Docker and Composer. I'm also gaining experience with analytic tools like GA4 and GTM, allowing me to provide valuable insights into website and marketing performance. Additionally, I leverage my client service experience to lead client engagements, serve as a Project Manager, and contribute to Business Development proposals.

Brooks Psychotherapy, PC
Brooks Psychotherapy Home Page
  • Redesign of existing website
  • Responsive, multi-page format
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Designed site with Adobe Xd
  • Designed logo with Adobe Illustrator
  • Coded contact form using FormSpree
  • Set up new hosting, transferring domain and email
CEG Wellness
CEG Wellness Home Page
  • New site for small business launch
  • Responsive, single-page format
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Designed site with Adobe Xd
  • Site design inspired by client's logo
  • Acquired new domain and hosting service on behalf of client
GitHub Repo Gallery
javascript project: github repo gallery
  • JavaScript Fundamentals final project
  • Uses API's to fetch data from GitHub profile
  • Displays list of all GitHub repos
  • Clickable list to view specific repo details
  • Hosted on GitHub pages
  • Includes dynamic search box
Interactive Sticky Notes
react project: interactive sticky notes
  • Introduction to JavaScript React final project
  • Accepts and responds to user input
  • Ability to edit, delete and save notes
  • Search functionality
  • Manages Data Flow to run quickly
  • Built and saved on CodeSandbox


  • HTML5 |
  • CSS3 |
  • JavaScript |
  • React |
  • FTP & Web Hosting |
  • Git & GitHub |
  • Bitbucket |
  • Command Line |
  • Version Control |
  • Inspector DevTools |
  • PHP |
  • Text Editor (VSC) |
  • Media Queries |
  • UX/UI |
  • Mobile First Responsive Design |
  • WordPress |
  • Docker |
  • Tailwind & Bootstrap |
  • Photoshop |
  • Debugging |
  • Figma |
  • Slack |
  • Zoom |
  • ChatGPT |
  • Google Docs |
  • ClickUp


I would love to connect with other web development and tech professionals or chat with you about career changing, blogging, favorite recipes and so forth. Good old-fashioned networking is welcome, so reach out and let's meet for coffee. (IRL or virtually!)